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Man, has this year gone by fast

Man, has this year gone by fast! It seems like the year has just begun and it’s November already. But, as I always say, a good guide and a good fisherman fish according to the seasons and in every season you will find that the fish will act differently—the same fish, but different behavior according to the season. Those of us who are in the fishing business have to pay close attention to the season if we want to be productive.



April is a great time for inshore fishing

April is a great time for inshore fishing, particularly on Grand Bahama. Many of the inshore fish are in schools and are spawning. This means the fish will be feeding aggressively. Every fisherman loves to fish for fish that are feeding! This is a good time of year for those anglers who do not have a specific species of fish in mind.



This is a very good time for bonefishing

Spring is turning into summer and we all know that it is the height of the fishing season. This is a very good time for bone fishing because spring is the time of year when the fish and birds are making plans for having young ones. The fish will be moving around the flats gathering. Some of these schools can have thousands of fish in each.



Truly a bonefisherman’s dream

June is believed to be one of the top months for bone fishing. Why? Because of the weather (getting warmer) and because the fish come together in very large schools. This is the time of year when the fish are spawning so you will see the schools of fish in deeper water than normal. But they will also be on the surface with their fins out of the water as well. Just seeing hundreds and even thousands of fish in some schools with all with their fins out, it is truly an amazing sight.



The warmer fishing months

Any day of fishing is better than a day working but August is different fishing because the water is very warm on the flats. Because of this, the bonefish will move into deeper water or to a place where the water is moving fast. Fast moving water makes the water a little cooler. It is sort of like having a breeze on a hot day. It’s best to fish for bones in the morning and fish permit in the afternoon.



The beginning of the second half of flats fishing season

September is called the beginning of the second half of flats fishing season. Why? We know that all through the summer most of the bonefish were in the large schools, but beginning in September, many would come out of the larger schools and form smaller groups.



October, one of the best months for inshore and flats fishing

One of the best times of the year for inshore and flats fishing is October. I love to fish every day and every week and every month of the year but if I had to choose one month as the BEST, it would be October. Why? Because of the temperature here in East Grand Bahama is great for the fish and the fisherman.