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The beginning of the second half of flats fishing season

September is called the beginning of the second half of flats fishing season. Why? We know that all through the summer most of the bonefish were in the large schools, but beginning in September, many would come out of the larger schools and form smaller groups.

 These fish will be moving around the flats in single and double numbers. This means that you would see more fish all over the flats. This is the time that the people who love casting to singles and doubles would be in their glory. There will be lots of targets. This is the sport of the game—seeing a single bonefish and casting a fly, live shrimp or even a jig to it in the hopes of a hook-up.

Here is one pointer for your consideration in casting to a single bonefish with a fly rod. You want to lead the fish according to the depths of the water. If the fish is tailing in five to seven inches, you may want to put the fly about one foot in front of the fish because the tailing fish is looking down and does not have a wide view. For fish in about two to three feet of water, you can lead by about two to three feet.

The flats of East Grand Bahama are just waiting for you to discover all they have to offer.