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Truly a bonefisherman’s dream

June is believed to be one of the top months for bone fishing. Why? Because of the weather (getting warmer) and because the fish come together in very large schools. This is the time of year when the fish are spawning so you will see the schools of fish in deeper water than normal. But they will also be on the surface with their fins out of the water as well. Just seeing hundreds and even thousands of fish in some schools with all with their fins out, it is truly an amazing sight.

Truly a bonefisherman’s dream. Here in East Grand Bahama is the place to be if want to see this amazing site and if you like to do some serious bonefish catching, not just bone fishing.

Here is a tactic that will help you “catch” when faced with these large schools of bones. You want to cast the fly or bait into the center of the school. They may spook a little bit but will come back together over the bait. However, if you cast on the edge of the school, most of the time the fish will move away. Why? Because it is the fish that are on the edge of the school that control where the school of fish turn. The fish in the center of the school are just followers but the fish on the edges are the “leaders”.