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Man, has this year gone by fast

Man, has this year gone by fast! It seems like the year has just begun and it’s November already. But, as I always say, a good guide and a good fisherman fish according to the seasons and in every season you will find that the fish will act differently—the same fish, but different behavior according to the season. Those of us who are in the fishing business have to pay close attention to the season if we want to be productive.



October, one of the best months for inshore and flats fishing

One of the best times of the year for inshore and flats fishing is October. I love to fish every day and every week and every month of the year but if I had to choose one month as the BEST, it would be October. Why? Because of the temperature here in East Grand Bahama is great for the fish and the fisherman.

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Meet Our Highly Experienced & Certified Bonefishing Guides. Grand Bahama's Best.

Our specialized guides offer bonefishing, fly fishing, sport fishing, spin fishing, wade fishing, and reef fishing in beautiful east Grand Bahama, Bahamas Islands. We cater to all the needs or preferences of our clients. 

Joseph Thomas

Joseph Thomas, better known as “Joe-T”, lives in the settlement of McLean's Town. Joseph has been in the bonefishing business for over 19 years. He spent the last ten of those years as a senior guide at Deep Water Cay Club where he fished with beginners and experienced anglers alike.

You're a beginner? Great. Fishing with Joseph is sure to be a pleasurable learning experience. Experienced? No problem, a thrilling bonefishing experience awaits you.

Whitney Rolle

Whitney Rolle, also known as “Wendy” was born in McLean's Town Grand Bahama where he currently resides. With over 29 years of bonefishing experience, Whitney has worked his way to becoming one of Grand Bahama's top bonefishing guides. A former employee of deep water cay club and a winner of numerous bonefishing tournaments, whitney has perfected his craft. He has fished with some of the best fishermen and has helped non-fishermen become great anglers all the while having fun.

Whitney has been featured on many bonefishing television shows however the highlight of his career was having the privilege of fishing Prince Philip, where the Prince was able to land his very first catch.

While fishing with Whitney, you'll benefit from his wealth of experience and he'll make sure you have a great time doing it.

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Ej's Bayside Cafe

Ej's Bayside Cafe serves some of the most succulent native dishes on the island of Grand Bahama.

Ej's provides a clean, safe, welcoming and family friendly environment. Sporting a semi open deck, you'll enjoy a great bay-side view while enjoying great food.